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Meet Marije
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Marije Richards is an interior architect and creator in the field of project development, video- photography and storytelling.

Ever since she was little she have felt the urgency to write, sketch and color her own story. Always on an expedition, creative by nature, fearless with big imaginations and too curious to explore the boundaries between the known and the unknown. She translates the disovering’s of these voyages through her creations.

A glimpse of her projects

Radisson Hotel | Amsterdam Zuid

SKybox ajax | Johan cruijff arena amsterdam

Residential Villa

A Glimpse of her presentation

"I would describe myself as a true free spirit and life optimist. I don't like to think within the box and therefore live as limitless and free as possible. This is expressed in my work: adventurous, investigative and open-minded with a strong personal vision: All that can be imagined, as well can be created."

Marije in Motion


KOROOTS is a brand that Marije started in 2022 and which is build from the core of our existence; craftsmanship inspired by roots. KOROOTS stands for organic, open and solutional thinking facing several global exclamation marks.

KOROOTS tell stories through design that bridge the gap between the strange and the known, between traditions and innovations, between the individual, the universal and the personal – because at the end we speak different words, but our language is the same. we need each other to create a more merged and sustainable living.

KOROOTS, a creation where strong innovation meets vulnerability – the new living.

  • ROOTCINEMA – documentary making and photography | about local craftmanship and indigenous tribes;
  • DESIGN – interior furniture and design packages | inspired by cultures and roots;
  • STORYTELLING – unique items off civilization and a united world full of stories.

Marije: ‘’My future goal is to return an amount of KOROOTS’ creations to the place of our global inspirations. I think we need more love and understanding for the unknown. Let’s share knowledge, exchange stories and unite together. So that communally we will embrace history, the here and now, and can work on writing our own  sustainable, renewing futureproof story”. 

their story.
our story.
your story.

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Excellent magazine

Step into the Ammonite Hotel, a four-star residence that doubles as an atmospheric museum of nature. Admire breathtakingly beautiful ancient artifacts from all corners of the globe including fluorescent fossils and glittering jewels in their natural form – designed to perfection by Marije Richards at her design company ‘Richards Design’.

Disconnect from reality through exotic cuisines served up at the hotel’s exclusive Club Restaurant where your wildest dreams become possible.

Art of Living

Marije Richards is a passionate Dutch developer, designer and storyteller who blends her travel experiences with innovative materials to create unique designs.

Her dream? To bring universal human values into existence by crafting interactive pieces that make us reflect upon our roots and culture—all through the power of design.


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